Creating, Publishing and Editing a Post

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Creating a Post

1. Click New > Post in the admin bar

2. Enter your title and click Use The Divi Builder

3. Click Insert Column and select your preferred format

4. Click Insert Module*, and select your preferred module

5. When the module window opens, add and customise your content. You can insert multiple modules in your post.

6. Once you have added your content, click Save & Exit

*Beginners, see our module recommendations below!

Type your text content in the Text module.

In the Design tab, you can customise your text style and position such as colour, orientation, font, size, spacing and line height.

Use this module to add a single image into your posts.

In the Design tab, you can set the image alignment or add a border to your image.

Select the Gallery module to add a series of images into your posts. This modules organises your images, and keeps your posts clutter-free.

  1. Click Update Gallery
  2. Upload your images, or select images from the media library, and Add To Gallery
  3. In the Design tab, you can choose to display your images in grid form or as a slider, and edit the image hue, saturation, contrast etc.

Add a complementary video to your post.

Upload your videos to the media library, or insert a video URL.


Publishing a Post

1. On the right side of the page, under the Categories section, select your location – Your posts will not appear on the page if you miss this step!

2. On the same side, scroll down and click Set Featured Image. Upload a suitable image as your post thumbnail.

3. Click Publish and you are done!



Editing a Post

1. Open your post

2. Click on Edit Post on the admin bar

3. Make the necessary changes, and publish



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